There are a variety of means to contact me. I will try my best to provide a timely response on any medium listed below.

[email protected]

Email is the simplest way to contact me. I will respond to most queries that are sent my way, and generally happy to have an open discussion about most things. If I have to research something, or you ask something deep and meaningfu, please be patient as I like my response to be concise and worthwhile.

This is my soapbox. It’s where I broadcast random and/or informative content. It’s also where I’ll promote this I’m doing, have done or want to do. It may revolve around my running or my technology interests. Strike up a conversation via a tweet, or simply follow me.

If you want information about my career in the corporate IT world, this is the place to go. For connections, I generally accept them from people I’ve met, worked with, spoken with or whom I’ve had enough interaction to feel that I can call them a professional contact. Please do not take offence, LinkedIn is not Facebook (pssst, I don’t have Facebook. Shocking, I know).