The start of the 2013 Boston Marathon

Starting out is hard. Starting over is harder. Thats where we are today - a new beginning.

Over the past number of years, my blogging and upkeep of my website has waned. I’ve been struggling for things to write about as my focus on running (the primary reason this my website first launched) has taken a back seat to family life, and my career. It’s not that I don’t like sharing my experiences, but finding time to focus and write was difficult and wasn’t a high priority.

So, here I am, launching a new website that I hope will give me a platform to share all things I find interesting and worth learning about. I hope to include many learnings and experiences in areas as an athlete, an IT professional, a father and a husband. I’m also about to embark on a double-degree (Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Information Systems) that I will try to write about as I progress. I’ve been looking at ways to further my career, and it appears university is the key to that.

I’ve made a number of changes, which will be laid out in detail in upcoming blog posts. I’m now hosting a static html website powered by Jekyll on Amazon S3. I use an Appveyor continuous delivery server to deploy the commits from my GitHub, and then wrap it all up behind the CloudFlare CDN. This has been a great learning experience moving my website from a content management system into a “cloudy” website, and reducing the cost of hosting down to almost $0.

A part of transitioning this website from WordPress CMS to static html has been driven by my migration plans from Google G-Suite to Microsoft Office 365. G-Suite was great, but Office 365 just has so many features for me to consume that jumping ship was a foregone conclusion. How I migrated from G-Suite to Office 365 will be a couple of blog posts, but I’m sure many people will find informative for their migrations. The cross-depencencies between DNS, registrar, website content and many others was a massive hurdle to overcome, but I did it.

I chose the above picture for a couple of reasons. The first, is that I’m in the race (It’s always nice to use a photo that I’m in). Second, its the beginning of a marathon. This is where I’m at in my life. I’m about to embark on a 4 year (If I do it full time) university degree which is going to be a marathon. And thirdly, this race was just before I began the momentous task of raising Annabelle. I think the picture encapsulates everything I am at the moment, setting of into a long journey where I hope the outcome will be what I expect.

I hope you come back often and get a lot from my writings and ramblings. I plan to write about uni, running, coding, designing, cars, bikes, anything. It will hopefully all be worthwhile.