Race Report: 2015 Gold Coast Marathon (well, 31km of it)

gcam-logo-2015I wrote this post late at night, in an apartment while my wife and daughter slept. One of them crashing out early on, tired from being a child that skipped her daytime nap and had been cheering her daddy on. The other being tired from an energy zapping last couple of days full of racing, emotion and a two-year-old.

Two words can sum up my Gold Coast Marathon: THAT SUCKED!

I had a very ambitious plan for this race. I decided 18 weeks ago (yes, JUST 18 weeks ago) to run Gold Coast Marathon, without having ran any consistent sort of mileage over the last two years. Big mistake! I really paid for it today.

No, I did not try to go with the leaders (my race would have ended much sooner than 31km if I had). I went at a pace I thought I could maintain – 3:10/km. For those playing at home, that would have given me a 2:13:30-ish finish time. This was probably a lofty goal off my base fitness level, but if you aim for the stars, you land on the moon, right? NOT THIS TIME!

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I landed on the hard Gold Coast road. The previous ten years of training had seemingly been lost in the two years since Boston 2013. I was starting (almost) from scratch 18 weeks ago. I trained impressively well, as my Strava account can attest to, but I think I simply did not have enough running in my legs to be prepared for what awaited me.

The bottom line is, I had to try. The positive I can take out of this “race” is that it gives me a baseline to go off for future plans. I have plenty of time to regroup and get another marathon in before the Rio 2016 qualifying period ends. I will sit down, look at my training and plan what I need to do. I don’t believe I did anything wrong in this preparation, I just believe I was not fit enough to begin with, and so thought I was going better than I was. I needed at least another three months of solid training.

I’d like to thank the Gold Coast Marathon team who were so gracious and helpful towards me over the weekend. They make the entire weekend so easy going, and allowed me to do my thing. It is an event weekend I highly recommend people participate in at least once in their life. I will be going back again. Hopefully, I can use GCAM as one of my final preparation races before the Rio Olympics.

For those interested, my “Garmin Certified” splits for the race were:

Overall Time Distance (km) Split time
0:03:02 1 3:02
0:06:15 2 3:12
0:09:23 3 3:08
0:12:36 4 3:13
0:15:52 5 3:15
0:19:01 6 3:08
0:22:12 7 3:11
0:25:25 8 3:12
0:28:39 9 3:13
0:31:56 10 3:16
0:35:11 11 3:15
0:38:26 12 3:14
0:41:42 13 3:16
0:45:00 14 3:18
0:48:17 15 3:16
0:51:30 16 3:12
0:54:44 17 3:14
0:57:54 18 3:09
1:01:09 19 3:14
1:04:26 20 3:17
1:07:43 21 3:17
1:10:58 22 3:15
1:14:15 23 3:16
1:17:35 24 3:19
1:20:55 25 3:19
1:24:12 26 3:17
1:27:36 27 3:24
1:31:01 28 3:25
1:34:29 29 3:27
1:38:00 30 3:31
1:41:31 31 3:30
1:42:51 31.37 1:19

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