Race Report: Asics Bolt

Well, this is my first race report in a long, long time. I haven’t felt the need to recap on any race I have done since before the Boston Marathon in 2013. Frankly, it’s because I do not feel that any have been worth it. (I also didn’t write about Boston because, well, you know what happened)… anyway…..

I travelled to Noosa with little to no expectations. I figured, and said to a number of people, that I would run between 14:30 and 15:00. I was however, slightly worried I might not crack the old fifteen minute barrier. I had missed a lot of training in September through soreness and sickness, so you can understand why I was worried.

The race got out quickish, with Jackson Elliot going hard off the line. I settled waaaaaaayyyyyy at the back, content to run the race as even as possible. However, about two minutes into the race, I couldn’t help myself. The competitive mindset had crept in. I was going to race, not sit back and be conservative, so I moved up. I thought I will race as hard as my body allowed. I pretended my fitness level was not as low as it was. 🙂

Through the opening two laps, I felt great. In fact, I felt like I was jogging. I was only in the second pack, but I was inside the top-8 and not too far off the first pack. I continued to keep in race mode, and carefully watched what the leaders were doing. I had no delusion that I was going to run down Robbo, Nipper or Stapo; but I thought I might be able to get in the top-5 and run a decent time.

Well…. Halfway through lap three I hit the wall. I went from cruising at a fast past, thinking I’m having a great run, to slowing dramatically. To emphasise, my lap splits went from 3:30ish to 3:45. The laps are roughly 1200m, and I sucked over the last two of them. See for yourself:


I tried my best just to hold it together, and I thought I was doing a good job of it. Unfortunately, I lost two places over the final 400m. I had nothing left to even put up a fight. At the last U-turn (600m from the finish), I could see Roffy and Matthew Hauser bearing down on me, so I did all I could to get to the finish line ahead of them. I was praying I could hold on to fifth. Also, I wouldn’t. I accepted my fate as they passed me across the bridge, about 300m from the finish. Bugger!

All things considered, it was a good result for me. I have had such a mixed bag of training over the last 12 months, that I am glad I’m starting to get some traction. My next race is the JP Morgan Chase Challenge in Centennial Park this Wednesday (12th November, 2014). After that, I am bunkering down into training until the World Cross Country trial on the 8th February, then I’ll decide how the rest of the season looks. If you ever want to see what I am up to, take a look at my training on Strava. Take care.


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