Training: September 2014

Septembers training was terrible. Below is a recap of what I was actually able to do. I spent a good part of the month sick or injured. It turned out that I tore my soleus late August, but didn’t think much of it. It’s mended pretty well with treatment, and rest. I’ve also performed some calf-strengthening exercises and eased back into my running. It’s been very frustrating to say the least. Everything seems to be pretty good now, and hopefully I work back up to full training without much delay. I’ve got 24 days before I run the Asics bolt up at Noosa. Fingers-crossed i can at least run sub-15 minutes. ūüôā

Date Training Distance (Garmin Certified)
Mon, 01-Sep-14 No Run – sore soleus
Tue, 02-Sep-14 No Run – sore soleus
Wed, 03-Sep-14 Easy Run: 30 minutes 6.00km
Thu, 04-Sep-14 No Run – sore soleus
Fri, 05-Sep-14 No Run – sore soleus
Sat, 06-Sep-14 Easy Run: 30 minutes
Sun, 07-Sep-14 Easy Run: 45 minutes
Mon, 08-Sep-14 General Run: 50 minutes
Tue, 09-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Wed, 10-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Thu, 11-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Fri, 12-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Sat, 13-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Sun, 14-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Mon, 15-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Tue, 16-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Wed, 17-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Thu, 18-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Fri, 19-Sep-14 No Run – Sick
Sat, 20-Sep-14 Easy Run: 40 minutes 8.77km
Sun, 21-Sep-14 Easy Run: 40 minutes 9.09km
Mon, 22-Sep-14 General Run: 45 minutes 11.00km
Tue, 23-Sep-14 General Run: 45 minutes 10.70km
Wed, 24-Sep-14 No Run – sore soleus
Thu, 25-Sep-14 No Run – sore soleus
Fri, 26-Sep-14 No Run – sore soleus
Sat, 27-Sep-14 Easy Run: 30 minutes 6.70km
Sun, 28-Sep-14 Easy Run: 35 minutes 8.00km
Mon, 29-Sep-14 General Run: 40 minutes 9.69km
Tue, 30-Sep-14 General Run: 40 minutes 9.62km
Total 102.02km

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