Hybrid, Dedicated, and Shared Scenarios…

People often forget about licensing implications of using public cloud infrastructure. This is a good run down.

SPLA Licensing

I am guessing you have all heard the aforementioned in prior conversations – “It’s a dedicated environment” or “they need a hybrid environment” but what does that really mean from a licensing perspective? I will break each scenario down to explain (hopefully) how each scenario works and the options available for each hoster using examples.

Dedicated Scenario – (3 options available)

Option 1
Your customer decides to bring apps (such as Exchange) and infrastructure (Windows) via their own volume licensing agreement. They do not have software assurance on the software. Can they do this?

Yes. Why? Everything is dedicated. Server, virtual machine all dedicated to one single organization. Software Assurance is NOT required.

Option 2
Your customer decides to bring the software but the hoster will provide the infrastructure in a dedicated environment. Again, customer does not need Software Assurance if it’s a dedicated environment. In this scenario, the hoster…

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