Week Ending 19th January, 2014

wpid-IMG_20140117_084139.jpgThis week was pretty productive. I managed a few sixty-minute-plus runs, as well as testing out my fitness over a short sustained effort on Saturday. I had a trip away, and manage to start packing boxes as well. While running this week, I have felt really good. I have been able to train consistently, as you can see from the below runs, after the old eyes could handle sunlight again. On that note, I’m almost completely over the conjunctivitis, which is fantastic, just in time to start my new job tomorrow. Today, I treated myself to a few new work shirts to make me feel fresh for Monday, ready to hit the ground running.

The way that this week went, I feel like I am heading in the right direction, and will be able to really ramp up the training. I feel pretty fit, but still have a bit of work to do in order to get into decent race shape. I have a couple of key training sessions and races coming up that will allow me to gauge how I am travelling, and prepare me well for a marathon (which one? the official announcement is soon).

Heidi and I finished off the “working week” in the Hunter Valley, staying overnight at Cypress Lakes Golf Resort on Thursday. We played an early nine-holes of golf on Friday morning, before heading out to breakfast at the Hunter Valley Gardens, and then on to wine tasting at the Constable Estate Vineyard. It was a nice little treat to round out my fours week off, and I appreciate the Marist Brothers for donating the trip as a prize at the St Gregory’s College Celebrity Sports Dinner. We will be going back this year for the third time, and highly recommend getting your hands on a ticket to go.

Anyways, time to head off to bed. I hope you enjoyed the read, my total mileage for the week was 78km, did you beat me? If so, I’ll get you next week, hopefully. Cheers.

No running

No running

AM – 60mins (14.4km) + Core/Rehab Exercises + ice bath

AM – 60mins (14.1km) + Core/Rehab Exercises + ice bath

PM – 60min (14.5km) + Core/Rehab Exercises + ice bath

AM – Session : 5km warmup, Lap of Centennial Park White Fence with David Byrne and Liam Ridings (approx 3.5km @ 3:05/km), 5km warm down + ice bath afterwards + chiropractic treatment
PM – Core/Rehab Exercises

AM – 90min (21.4km) + ice bath
PM – Core/Rehab Exercises

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  1. Just curious. Do you way run 5 days in a row and then have 2 consecutive days off? Or do you split up days off. Not run again following longer runs?

    Thanks Jeff.

    • Always. Not way run!

    • Mariah, I normally run all 7 days in a week. But I have built up to this over a long period of time. I would advocate at least one day of complete rest for most people.

      As of today, I will be back to full weeks, barring illness or injury. Does that answer your question effectively?

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