Week Ending 12th January, 2014

I must say that this week was pretty pathetic. I traveled home from Falls Creek on Monday with Heidi and Annabelle, which took a very long eleven hours (including a detour into Canberra because of the Hume highway being closed due to a fatality). When we got home, we found out that we had to move out of our rental by 6th February, so running took a back seat while we looked for a new place to live.

We had three supercharged days of house hunting, and found a place by Thursday. We applied, got approved and we will get the keys on the 20th January.

I thought with the house hunting complete I would be able to return to training, but the body had other ideas. Turns out, I somehow contracted conjunctivitis (a.k.a “pink eye”) and have not been able to run since Thursday, because my eye cannot handle too much light or stimulation. It is also so itchy, I want to scratch my eyes out. I am on antibiotic eye drops and will hopefully be able to resume normal training very soon. This year has not started in a very good way, however, in the one run that I did this week, I felt great – no aches or pains – which makes the eye thing that much more annoying. Happy running.

No running, traveled home from Falls Creek

No running, house hunting all day

No running, house hunting all day

AM – 60min run around centennial park + S&C session + ice bath

No running

No running

No running

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