Week Ending 5th January, 2014

Happy New Year. This is the first installment of my weekly training blogs that I will endeavor to write for you all to read over the remaining years of my running career. As luck would have it, the first entry is a week that constitutes the bulk of my trip up at Falls Creek. It’s not the kind of training I ever want to do up here, but at least I am running pain-free again. I head back to Sydney tomorrow, where I can hopefully continue to build up to a more traditional weekly structure, i.e. more running and less cross-training, and try to stay healthy while running that fine line of being super fit or injured/sick. They will get more interesting as the weeks go by, especially once i return to working full-time again. Enjoy.

AM – 40mins (20 x 1min running, 1min walking) – Total 8km
PM – 30mins cycling + Core/Rehab Exercises

AM – 60mins (20 x 2mins running, 1min walking) – Total 13km
PM – 30mins cycling + S&C session + Core/Rehab Exercises

AM – 60mins (20 x 2mins running, 1min walking) – Total 14km
PM – Core/Rehab Exercises + Massage

AM – 60mins (15 x 3mins running, 1min walking) – Total 14km
PM – 60mins cycling + Core/Rehab Exercises

AM – 12km “Tower Run” with everyone – 53mins
PM – Core/Rehab Exercises

AM – 66min run (6 x 10mins running, 1min walking) on Left Aqueduct @ Langfords
PM – 30mins cycling + S&C session + Core/Rehab Exercises

AM – 66min run (6 x 10mins running, 1min walking) from village to Mount Mackay and back – Total 14km
PM – Core/Rehab Exercises

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  1. Hi Jeff. Will be looking forward to your weekly updates. I’m a bit curious, though, as to the nature of your injury, which seems to have held you back quite a bit recently. Have a nice one up at Falls Creek.
    Morten from Denmark

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