Product Review: Snugg Microsoft Surface Wallet Case

A little while ago, a company called The Snugg sent me a Microsoft Surface Waller Case in black leather for a bit of a test. Seeing as how the Microsoft Surface is a product I really like, having a suitable case is a must for such a premium product. A cheap knock-off wont do, but I also don’t want to spend motza on a case for something “premium.”

Snugg Microsoft Surface Wallet CaseWell, when I bought my iPad 2 back in 2011, I wanted the slimmest and lightest protective case i could get that would enable the form factor to remain as designed. So, when looking at a case for a Microsoft Surface, I want a thin, yet protective candidate. There is not a lot that can be said about a case, so I thought that I’d summarize what I thought into a simple, easy to read bullet list.


  • The construction seems to be pretty solid. However, I have a feeling that over time the corners will wear and come apart, much like other leather cases.
  • The soft, velvety interior will help protect the Surface
  • The magnetized cover flap closes up the case without having exposed metal parts (like a stud) that could damage the Surface when sliding it in or out
  • Being leather, it looks very professional and much more aesthetically pleasing to take into a meeting than a laptop bag.


  • There is no place to secure the stylus pen separate from the Surface. The only option is keeping it connected to the Surface when you put it in the case in the first place
  • It’s a tight squeeze using the touch keypad. Though, over time leather stretches, so it may become a better fit.
    • side-note: because it’s a tight squeeze, sometimes the magnetic flap doesn’t close properly

wpid-20131029_145244.jpgAs you can see, it is pretty good all round. The “bad” points are not really all that bad, and only affected my test because I tested with the thicker Surface Pro, including a touch-keyboard. A Surface RT with a touch-keyboard might not be so tight.

My recommendation for a future model would be for them to make the case like a fold out so that you can keep it permanently attached to the Surface rather than it being a case you slide the device into like an envelope. This just means that it’s protecting the device all the time, not just during transportation.


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