SCCM VBScript Wrappers for Application Installations v2.0

Update: Back on January 2nd, I provided the below post SCCM Admins and application repackagers. Since that initial release, Glenn Turner (my work colleague) and I have revised and refined the scripts. I have taken the liberty of uploading the new scripts for those who wish to use them. Giving back to the community that has served me so well. If you have any questions, please contact me through my Contact page.

Download the updated scripts on codeplex :


This ones for the System Center Configuration Manager people out there. We all know that a repeatable process for application deployments ensures that all deployments are the same, so I thought that a few people out there might appreciate me sharing some templates for simplifying the process. Glenn Turner (my fellow SCCM/SOE colleague) and I wrote these scripts from scratch to assist in a fairly quick import into SCCM of our existing applications. In order to use the scripts, all you need to do is:

  1. Drop the installation files into the same folder as the Install-ApplicationShortName.vbs file
  2. Edit the vbs file name to represent the application you are installing, e.g. Install-MicrosoftVisioPro.vbs
  3. Edit the vbs file, changing the following to match up with the new application:
    1. “ApplicationShortName”
    2. “MSIVersion”
    3. “MSIName”
  4. Test it out

For a simple msi, you only need to change the variables listed above and the msi switches are already in there for you so it should work perfectly fine. Afterwards, you may need to add things to the script to tidy up shortcuts and do other things, but for a basic “get it installed” task, this will do it.

We have commented in the scripts enough that it should be explanatory, and each one builds on the previous (Basic MSI -> Complex MSI -> MSP, and Basic EXE -> Complex EXE). If you need any extra help, let me know. There could be some fine-tuning needed on some of the scripts (hey, we all make mistakes), but they should work out-of-the-box. Happy packaging.


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