Endura Sports Nutrition & Sydney Distance Running Academy partnership

A quick announcement from our Sydney Distance Running Academy website about our new partnership with Endura Sports Nutrition. I look forward to the first delivery.

Leading supplier of sports nutrition supplements Endura is the latest partner to join the Sydney Distance Running Academy.

EnduraThe range of Endrura products is sure to make an impact on the ability of Academy athletes to train harder, race faster and recover quicker. As any sportsperson knows, the ability to train consistently at a high level requires many things, included in this is a strict nutritional regime where rehydration and refuelling play a huge role in not only enabling an athlete to stay healthy, but better yet, compete at a higher level.

Academy coach Ken Green sees this as an ideal partnership that can only be beneficial to the Academy. “There’s no doubting the impact that supplements can have on an athletes ability to recover, and with rapid recovery comes an increased ability to endure the rigours of training.” Lets hope that through this relationship the Sydney Distance Running Academy athletes will see improved performances in the year ahead!

For more information on Endura products visit their website: http://endura.com.au/


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