Windows Server 2012 Test Lab Guides

A lot of techies out there have probably already seen this, but I want to share with those of you who visit my blog. I’m keen to keep up-to-date with newer technologies, and Microsoft provide great documentation through One of the way I find it easiest to learn is through practice. This guide builds a great base with Windows Server 2012 to have a home lab ready to practice with new technologies. You can expand to SCCM 2012, SQL 2012, Exchange 2013 and more.

I’m in the process of rebuilding my lab using this as the base. Over at, Andrew Barnes has created a Hydration Kit for MDT deploying the VMs in this guide. Using MDT is great to automate deployment, and you can get his kit here : You can read his blog about it here

If you prefer to do all the installation and configurations manually, you can follow Microsoft’s base configuration guide. Download it here: Test Lab Guide: Windows Server 2012 Base Configuration

Check out the Microsoft video below, and happy labbing!



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