SMH Article – Man Test. Are you man enough?

I had a good laugh when I read this article on the SMH website. It’s funny, because I would classify most of the list as simple tests. I might struggle with #6 or #8, but hey, some things are just out of my control. I guess I really take it for granted that I am much more active than a lot of the Australian, or even world, population. I probably shouldn’t be too smug about it.

I have been active in sport since I was 8 years old, playing cricket in the summer, soccer in the winter and all the sports that school had to offer. I simply have not known anything different, so I have always been relatively fit. Also, those who know me also know that I seem to ooze confidence, but that is how I have been raised – to be happy with myself and never believe anyone is better than me. I think all that combined has made me into the well-rounded person I am today.

Anyways, below is a little intro, plus the 10 tests and how I rate my chances at it. Head over to SMH to read the full article. (There’s some pretty good comment reading on there too)

Being a man is hard work. There is family and finances to juggle. There is waking early for work. There is a wife, mates and children pulling from every direction for a man’s attention. There are career and retirement decisions.

And then there is a man’s health. With 70 per cent of men overweight or obese, Australian men are neglecting their health, and it’s damaging our healthcare and the culture.

An Australian man in his 20s, all the way up to his late 40s and beyond, should be equipped with some physical ability – it’s part of being a man. It’s time for Aussie men to see if they can pass The Man Test:

  1. Perform 20 push-ups √ √
  2. Perform 20 unassisted sit-ups √ √
  3. Run two kilometres in under 10 minutes √ √ √ √ √ √ 3km in 8m 6s 🙂
  4. Perform five pull-ups √ √
  5. Perform 40 bodyweight squats √ √
  6. Avoid playing video games or childish apps on the phone for a week ??? could be tough
  7. Control intake √
  8. Fall within the healthy BMI/Waist to Height Ratio range ??? can’t control this running marathons
  9. Rest seven hours per day √
  10. Feel good about your body √ √ √

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