Technet Blog – VMware (finally) admits that its costs are higher than Microsoft’s

While browsing through my tech feeds, I came across this little gem. The battle between Microsoft and VMware continues. I like VMware, but Microsoft is presenting a killer case to move to Hyper-V. I use Hyper-V for my home lab, and we are potentially looking at migrating our remote offices to use Hyper-V at work to make managing those sites much easier. Anyway, enjoy the read. For the full article, click the link at the bottom.

Recently we came across the updated VMware cost per application calculator and discovered what our customers and partners have been telling us all along – VMware vSphere 5.1 costs more than Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 combined. And we’re not just talking about license acquisition cost, but also the capital expenditure costs (CAPEX), including power, space, storage, and server hardware costs.

To see for yourself, plug in the following values in the calculator–

Number of VMs: 100

Virtualization host type: Server B

Network storage type: iSCSI SAN

Compare to vendor: Microsoft

VMware vSphere 5.1 edition: Enterprise Plus

Management deployed on physical or virtual: virtual

Electricity: low

Real estate: low

(It’s important to note that these aren’t random values — they represent a common datacenter virtualization scenario.) When you input these values into the calculator and review the output – the headline looks like the following:

The cost-per-application to virtualize 100 apps using VMware vSphere 5.1 Enterprise Plus edition is 19% higher than with Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center 2012.

However, we firmly believe you will save far more with Microsoft.  According to VMware’s calculator, Microsoft’s total software cost ($974) is much lower than VMware’s ($1,491), but the infrastructure cost ($1,198) is higher than VMware’s ($1,083) infrastructure cost. Why is this the case?

Read the rest of the article via Microsoft’s Server & Cloud blog



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