NSW 3000m Championships

Returning to the track on Saturday was certainly interesting. I had said earlier in the week to a mate at work that, based on my fitness and how I’d been training, I thought I’d run between 8:05 and 8:10. Any quicker and I’d have been very happy. Any slower and I’d have been very annoyed (unless of course I won).

So as it turns out, I ran a competitive race in 8:06.20 and finished fourth in my first race since the Olympic marathon. It was also my first 3,000m since 2009. It also helped to blow out a few cobwebs ahead of lining up for the Zatopek:10 in December, and allowed me to get an idea of where I am at.

I tried to hit sixty-four second laps from the start, and did a pretty good job of it, but by the time I reached 600m to go, I was spent. I just wasn’t fully conditioned for a 3,000m @ 64s per lap…. yet! I’m happy with the result, a bit bummed that I came fourth, but I know what I am working towards, and this is a stepping-stone that shows I am on the right track. Zatopek:10 is looking good.


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