quick update

Just a heads up to those keeping an eye on my blog. I plan on writing a couple of blog posts over the coming week to recap my Olympic experience. I wasn’t terribly happy with my run, but that is not the reason for my lack of posts. I have been pretty busy at work so I haven’t had the chance write.

I have run a couple of times, but not much. I’m giving my body a chance to recover, so don’t expect to see me out racing anytime soon. i have had a chance to catch up on some study ahead of a big project we are about to start at work. It’s good to come back from such a big event, and continue the drive forward with my other passion, computers.

Anyway, it shouldn’t be too long before the first post-Olympic recap appears, so keep your eyes peeled. I’ll try not to make the posts too boring. Catch you later.


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