London Olympics Opening Ceremony


Me and the Olympic Cauldron

WOW! Experiencing the Opening Ceremony was amazing. It is definitely something I will never ever forget. I am extremely proud to be here representing Australia, and being a part of the Opening Ceremony has really got me into the Olympic spirit, itching to race.

Dressing up in the kit, complete in the all whites with a green blazer, was really special. The whole team was united as one for a very special night. It didn’t matter what sport you were from, we were all there to have fun and enjoy the moment.

It was a very long night by the time we marched and got home. We left Tonbridge at 4:30pm Friday afternoon, returning home at 3am Saturday morning. It was well worth the late night.  When we entered the stadium to the screams of the crowd, I must say I felt the adrenaline rush kick in, and a massive smile stretched across my face. It was so intense in the middle that I wish I could show you the video I have of it, just so you can have an idea of what it was like. Take my word for it, it was pretty special.

Before the Opening Ceremony, I briefly got to visit the Olympic Village, and it is a top-notch village. Its massive. Its busy. It will be my home from Sunday afternoon until I head home. When going for dinner, the food hall was so big I was too lazy to walk from one end to the other to see what food was on offer. Plenty of time for that next week.

Well, today the athletics kicked off, and it has been good to watch some of my fellow teammates compete already. Thankfully, all the races I want to see are in the same timezone (I feel sorry for you guys back home), so I will be enjoying them as well as my sleep.




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3 replies

  1. Hey Jeff…….Looking Depper in the official jacket there…… We are very proud of you……..Good Luck in your race……… we are with you all the way……… Love from Big Nanna, Aunty Deb, Greg, Peter, Courtney & Mikayla xxxx

  2. Hi Jeff,Thought you might like to know that you have 2 Poms cheering both you and Team Australia on. Guy Griffin kindly sent my 7yr old a load of info on you along with a signed photo – all of which was used for “show and tell” at school.Sadly we won’t be there on Sunday but we will be watching on TV. Glad you seem suitably impressed with London’s efforts for the games and ejoyed the opening ceremony.
    Wishing you the very best of luck for Sunday and hope the conditions allow you to not only run the best you can but to hopefully enjoy it too.
    With very best wishes
    Sarah & Immy

  3. Well done Jeff. A huge effort and a wonderful experience for you. Safe trip home. Say hello to your Dad for me. He is very proud of you.

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