Race Report: NSW Cross Country Champs

2012 NSW Cross Country – Winners Plate

It’s been two weeks since I raced, but what the hell, time for a race report. I can sum it all up in three words – that was tough! I really had to work hard to beat, not only Nipper, but also the course. Nowra can really dust you up if you aren’t prepared for it, but lucky for me I was.

We rolled through the first lap in just under thirteen minutes, after which Chinny decided it was his chance to make a break. He got out to about 40-50m in front, but we kept him in range. It stayed that way until the steep downhill just before 7km when Nipper decided to get after him and left me standing still. At that point, I realized I had better get my butt into gear and bridge the gap too or I was going home with a bronze medal.

I made contact just before the bridge and led up through 8km. As we headed up to that bloody hill, Nipper applied the pressure. I was hurting! At the top, Nipper basically said “See ya later” and bang, he was 30m in front. We flew down the winding hill, and I was gradually pulling him back. Just before the steep downhill I gritted my teeth, and really charged after him. I told myself “hurt yourself for 5mins. that’s all I need to do and I can win.”

I was in front at the top of that steep downhill. By the bottom, I was behind again by 10-15m. I just started running as hard as I could. We crossed the bridge, me just ahead, and I got up that little hill first and went again. By the time I climbed the last hard hill I had it won. Did I slow down? Hell no. I ran as hard as I could to the finish.

I crossed the line first in 38:42, my second fastest time on the course. It was a great race, and had all of the competitiveness that you want at a NSW championships. I denied Nipper the Nowra title once more, and now he wants blood at NSW Short Course.

Click here for some Inside Athletics Photos of the race


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