Runner’s Tribe Interview: A quick chat with Jeff Hunt

Winning the 2011 Gold Coast Half Marathon

RT: Jeff, thanks for your time and congrats on selection for the London Olympics marathon. Did the selection come as a surprise?

JH: It was a pleasant surprise. I had hoped that Athletics Australia would pick a full team, but I was never really certain that anyone other than Michael would be picked on the men’s side. So, to receive the “Congratulations, you’re going to the Olympics” phone call, I was ecstatic.

RT: What had Athletics Australia communicated to you in the lead-up to the decision?

JH: Not much. Most of the liaising with AA was done by Ken, so how much he filtered from me I will never know. However, I am sure that he lobbied long and hard on my behalf to get me in the team.

RT: Obviously AA should be applauded for their decision. Do you think it marks a shift in the fundamental selection policy towards one of more leniency and common sense?

JH: I certainly think that it was a fantastic decision, and one that will hopefully show the younger athletes that AA wants to send as many people as they can to major events. As for whether it is a shift in their policy, only time will tell. I have always been a firm believer that to guarantee selection, fulfil the automatic selection criteria. That way, you don’t have to risk relying on selectors discretion to make the team like I did.

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