one week down….. a few more to go

I completed my first structured week of training last week. I hit 130km with just some general runs, a light session on Saturday and a longish run on Sunday. Nothing to flash to mark four weeks post-marathon, but a good start.

Surprisingly, Saturday was the first time I had run a kilometre faster than four minutes since my marathon. The session was 3 x (1.2km, 2mins rest, 450m hill, jog down). I was hurting in the ‘k-reps’ and the boys (Rob Lister, Nick Cope and Courtney Carter) were trying to make sure that in my first session back I was going to finish last. I managed to hold on alright up the hill, but it was a tough morning. It did kick my body into gear and I felt the best I had in four weeks on Sunday for my ninety minutes. The curve is heading in the right direction, so no complaints from me.


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