London 2012 banner at The Monument.

London 2012 banner at The Monument. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, by now you’ve figured out I made the Australian Olympic Team for London 2012 . YYYYEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I cannot begin to describe it. Since I started running, I have wanted to run at the Olympics, and now I will have my chance.

It was a tense wait until the phone call came from Dion, but when it came, boy-o-boy, it was a phone call I was glad I did not miss. When I first answered the phone, I was unsure of what he was going to say, but in the end it was all good news.

So now, its head down, bum up while I start the build up towards London and hopefully a good result. Yes, I have run two marathons in the last three months, but I am not worried. I believe it is more mind over matter, and come August 12, I will be ready to give it my best. I just can’t stop smiling…. I’m gonna be in the Olympics…


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