First Run post-Hamburg at Adidas Sydney:10

Well, I just got home from an early morning run with the wife at the Adidas Sydney:10. It was a good morning for a run so I killed two birds with one stone, doing my first run since Hamburg with Heidi while she tried to run a reasonable 10k and watching the boys go round up the front. She did fantastically well in running 42:01 to my 42:02 which is a marked improvement on where she was 12 months ago, and a sign that she is headed back towards the level of fitness she had when running 2;57:24 in her one, and only, marathon in September 2007.

As for me, my body felt pretty good 1 week post marathon, and I was able to run with Heidi pretty easily. I’ll take it easy for another week with the occasional run, but nothing serious to make sure that i recover fully from the marathon. I will try to get out to some of the local events and provide support, especially for my training partners – Brad “Yugi” Milosevic was the 3rd nsw athlete this morning in the 10k running 30:58, backing up his 30:48.10 10,000m from state champs.

If the athletes themselves don’t support the sport, why would anyone else want to, and in the long run it will not help its survival. I could have easily stayed at home and ran 10k around Centennial Park for free in the same time, but I didn’t. I went to Homebush, paid my entry and enjoyed the race from a vantage point I don’t ever get to experience, the middle of the pack (I came in at 256th, Heidi was 255th). It was fun, and I hope to be able to similar things in the future.


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