Welcome to the new look jeffreyhunt.com.au

Hey guys, welcome to my new website. I’ve decided to take a bit of a new direction with my blog and include micro-blogs along with standard blogging. I have also relocated the site to wordpress.com to make it easier to maintain and keep up-to-date.  the  I decided to relocate for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’m not a web developer, so maintaining and coding the original Joomla! installation was not what I wanted to do anymore.
  2. I wanted a platform that would allow me to concentrate on content and not backend configuration. I do enough system administration tasks during the day at work, I don’t want to be adding additional patching and maintenance to my day on what is essentially a recreational activity.
  3. I felt the reduced admin time would allow me more time to micro-blog and keep you, the reader,up-to-date with things I do or think is interesting.

The site will continue to grow over time, and hopefully, by reinventing the site and the direction I want to take it, I will be able to better interact with my audience, both those who are runners and those who a the computer nerds. Enjoy your stay, have a look around and keep on running.


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