Training: 18/10/2011 (Mona Fartlek)

I thought some people might be interested in seeing the details of a training session from this week. Below, I have embedded Tuesday night’s session from Garmin connect. It was Mona Fartlek around Iron Cove in NSW, one of our regular training areas.

On a side not, last week I got crook and had to have Saturday and Sunday off. This week, while I was getting back into it, I wanted to see how my HR changes as I get healthier, so I wore my HR monitor. Even though I was wearing the HR monitor, I still did everything as I always have done it, by feel, but the HR/Pace/Distance is good to do a quick analysis and create benchmarks. If you click on view details, you will be able to see extra things such as elevation changes, pace changes, distances, etc. Enjoy.
note: to view in metric measurements, please click on view details. Then in the upper-right corner of the new page, click on “view in metric.” Unfortunately, this is a garmin connect problem, and not something I can change.


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