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I now have less than twenty-four hours until I race. It’s about time too. We (Australia) have had some ups and downs in the championships, but we’ve gained momentum as it went on. I’m not saying that I’ll be able to add to our medal tally, but hopefully I will be able to contribute a worthwhile performance ahead of the final night of competition.

I have prepared all my drinks, done all the training, done all the resting, the carbo loading, etc, etc. There is not much more I can do to help my performance tomorrow, but there is a lot I can do to stuff it up. So I will kind of live in a “bubble” until I race.I’d love to go out and watch Sally win the hurdles and watch a cracking 1500m, but I can’t. I’ll be watching it all at home on the TV like most of you out there. I have done enough of the floating around the village and to the stadium to have had a good experience, I don’t need to go jeopardizing my performance.

Spencer Nel, myself, Eron OsterhausOn a side note, a couple of days a go, I ventured out to the Adidas Hospitality at the main stadium and met the guys from Adidas Global (Spencer Nel, Jan Willem Korteweg, Sandra Vasquez), Adidas USA (Danny Lopez and Eron Osterhaus) and Adidas UK (Andrew Mashiter). Its good to put faces to names, and they were all very friendly. I went there with Craig Mottram, and we got to speak to some of the product guys to see whats coming up in the next twelve months in spikes and flats. Tell you what, I’m looking forward to my first delivery of the redesigned spikes and flats. The improvements look good, and I like the colours for the London Olympics, just gotta make sure I qualify so I get a pair.

Anyway, by this time tomorrow, I am sure I will be in a bit of pain, probably a bit dehydrated, but hopefully very please with my race. All I can do is go out there and race the best I can. I expect that there could be some casualties in the heat, but I hope I am not one of them. I feel fitter than ever, and am really excited to be racing. Let see what cards I am dealt at 9am tomorrow.

Until then, take care and enjoy the coverage.


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