Blog: One week in the village

Sue Hobson, our driver and myself at Daegu University post runNow that I’ve been in the village a week, I thought I might put in a little bit of an update. It has been surprisingly good weather here, and it’s not too bad a place to train over the final weeks before I race. I got stuck in a room with some distance guy running the 5000m. He calls himself Craig Mottram, but I’ve never heard of him, maybe you have. Of course I’m joking.

Training has been good over the last couple of days. I jogged on Sunday morning, after arriving Saturday night, for forty minutes. I followed that up with a ninety minute run at Daegu University on the Monday which was quite enjoyable looping around trails and not really knowing where I was. Tuesday was a twelve kilometre run in the morning and a mini session in the evening of six laps of 200m on, 200m off. I felt pretty good rolling around the track for my first bit of hard running off the plane. Wednesday was an easy sixty minute run out-and-back along the river. The surface is good, kinda like The Tan in Melbourne. Thursday was a bit tougher. In the morning I ran for forty minutes, with the time split up into a twenty minute warm up, straight into seven minutes at threshhold, then into a twelve minute warm down. It was humid and sticky, but not distressing for the body. It did, however, wake my body up from flight mode. An easy thirty-five minutes completed the day.

Not much has really been happening as all the athletes filter in from around the world, but i’m starting to notice more and more people around the village. Last night was the “Flame Induction”, where twelve new members were given their Flame number. As part of that night, everyone had to come dressed in someone elses clothes. It was good fun, with some good stories from the new inductees and great outfits. We now have one hundred Athletics Australia Flame members.

The competition starts tomorrow with the womens marathon. It will be interesting to see what the conditions are like and how it affects the times of the athletes. I’m looking forward to my race on 4th September, but I still have a few more runs to do before I get to that start line. In the meantime, if I can find a cable to connect the camera to the computer, I’ll try to get a few photos uploaded to the site. The village is fantastic, and the wireless internet everywhere is a godsend for a computer geek such as myself.


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